I have done some research on the different platforms out there where you can schedule and teach music live video lessons. These are not platforms where you can find students. Think of them as music education learning management systems for your virtual teaching studio.


So I was looking for a Zoom alternative and I came across https://www.muzie.live/ . In the video I explain why it’s a good alternative for music teachers but there is one feature that got my attention.

Unlimited cloud storage for lesson recordings on the paid plan

As a music teacher, I know how effective videos are when it comes to revising the lesson’s content. Nothing summarise it better than watching the teacher playing a certain part of the piece and connecting visual cues to auditory ones. It certainly works better than a Word doc. But with Zoom, you are limited to one 1GB of cloud storage on the Pro Plan. Just consider that 1 hour HD recording of a lesson would probably occupy 1GB of space on its own. You could of course delete the lesson recording everytime and transfer it on your Google Drive or OneDrive, but then you would have to give the students access to it. Imagine doing that for every single lesson! Luckily, with Muzie your recordings can be accessed by the student as soon as the lesson as ended.

Let’s talk about money. The Zoom Pro plan would cost you $14.99 per month if you pay on a monthly basis and $12.49 per month if you choose the annual subscription. The standard Muzie plan is $10 per month. Now, it’s also true that to teach group lessons and to record them you would have to upgrade to the Pro plan on Muzie, which would cost you $20 per month. The standard plan only allows you to teach and record 1:1 lessons. That said, you would have to pay an extra $40 per month on Zoom to have 100GB of cloud storage.

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Doozzoo is a great zoom alternative for music schools. The reason why I am saying music schools instead of music teachers is that, at least in my opinion, it is not a cheap option.

That said, the advanced features are worth paying for. I am referring to the highly customisable audio settings that promise to reduce the dreaded latency that prevents music teachers from playing duets with their students, or the possibility to select the audio bitrate before joining the video lesson. Of course, that also comes at a cost, not just the financial one I was talking about before, but the one that involves the efforts you have to make to upskill. The learning curve is steep, and I consider myself to be tech-savvy. Still, a learning path worth taking for both your students, that will enjoy higher quality lessons, as well as for yourself. The documentation you can find on the website is detailed enough to ensure you can become a pro.

Finally, the platform also comprises useful pedagogical tools to enhance your lessons such as a metronome, a tuner and the possibility to store media.

Beware of its technical shortcoming, you will need to follow their instructions carefully if you want to use a Safari browser.


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