Here is where I transform my online music teaching and learning advice into a sonic experience

Welcome to the first episode of the TunedUp teachers club podcast! The place where I share my experience of teaching guitar and ukulele online. You will find tips and tricks on how to succeed as an online instrumental music teacher but also inspiration and beautiful stories of the meaningful connections I have made with students through music. Do you agree with me? Do you disagree with me? Leave a vocal message!

This episode is about the compromises that you have to make to succeed as an online music teacher. 

1 If you are classically trained, you might want to put your love for ‘serious’ music aside. In fact, most students that sign up to learn an instrument on online platforms are beginners. A lot of them are children that want to get started with learning theme tunes from their favourite TV shows. 

2 You have to put in more work into creating resources students can access in between lessons. This is mainly because video lessons do not allow for example to play duets. So you might have to post videos for your students on flipgrid or audios on synth where you play the accompaniment part of a song they are learning. 

I talk about all this in more detail in the episode. For example, I explain that this is only my experience, and that in some cases, certain platforms do allow teachers to play duets with their students. 

Do you agree with me? Do you disagree with me? Leave a vocal message!