I am creating a video series where I am documenting my online course creation experiences and what I have learnt from them so far. Rather than presenting you with a collection of scattered thoughts, I have divided them into different categories. I talk about both pedagogy and the nitty-gritty of platforms and how to decide which one to use.

Why create an online music course?


1 To strengthen the relationship your with existing students

First of all, creating a pre-recorded online video course benefits your students from a pedagogical perspective. For example, one of your students might be interested in a specific musical topic and creating a course for him/her might develop this interest further and he/she might want to cover it in future lessons. In addition, online course creation can save you a lot of time. Whilst live video lessons are not exactly reusable, you can recycle the content of a certain online course and show it to another student. Who knows, he/she might buy the course and develop a passion for the same topic the student you originally created the course for was interested in.

2 To find new students

When you put an online course for sale, you could mention that you offer live video lessons. In addition, a student of yours could share with a friend the online course he/she completed and that other person might end up taking lessons with you as a result. Again, unless all lessons are recorded, it’s not that easy to use them to promote your teaching. Online courses are probably a better promotional tool.

3 To have a portfolio

Whilst I cannot say that I got a job after using my online courses as an example of my craft in my applications, you might get luckier! After all, recruiters receive tons of CVs right? So there is no better way to get hired than to show them what you can do!


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How do we create an online course?


1 Pedagogy

As teachers, we have designed units of learning before. In the video I simply explain that it’s good to have 2 sections, 1 for technique and the other one for songs where the students apply the techniques. I also explain that I always include some practice exercises in each video, where I literally say ‘Your turn’, stare at the camera calculating how long it approximately takes for them to repeat the exercise.

2 Where to host the course on the web

If your course is for your existing students, you can create a password protected webpage on your website and then embed videos from your Vimeo account (Youtube is also ok but I recommend Vimeo). I use squarespace. You can also include PDFs the students can download. In terms of getting paid, you can list the course on your Buy me a Coffee page and include the webpage URL and password in the message the clients receive after having purchased the course.

If you are using the course to get new students or you do not have a website. In the video, I talk about these platforms

Simpliv Learning