As a serial Googler and online music teaching enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for platforms where I can find more students. I got a chance to ask Patrick Koller a few questions about Matchspace, a platform he launched this summer.   

When did you launch Matchspace and why? Has it always been an online teaching and learning platform or did you start with an in-person model?

We launched Matchspace in the summer of 2020. Our purpose is to enable talented musicians to pursue what they love and turn their passion into their profession, full-time or part-time. 

To be true to our value proposition “teach on your terms – when and how you want”, we decided from the beginning to provide both in-person and live online lessons. The latter gives students an unparalleled opportunity to find their best match, regardless of where they live or where the teachers live. Likewise, the teachers hugely benefit from the online option. 

Why did you decide to let teachers choose which video calling platform they prefer using in their lessons instead of having a set one? I noticed some teachers offer lessons on Zoom, others on Skype. I am asking this because other platforms have an in-built video calling system or integrated Zoom into their system.

At the core of everything we do is to cater for the teachers’ needs as much as we can. So, we enable teachers to use whatever application they are familiar with. Of course, the quality and experience of the lesson is also critical to us. So, should we find out that some applications are less useful than others, we may encourage certain video calling applications over others in the future.

What do you use the 16.5% instructor service fee for?

The service fee helps us run our platform, advertise the lessons and teacher profiles to students, provide secure, automated payment processing and customer support. For teachers that already have students that they would want to bring to Matchspace to benefit from convenient scheduling system, online booking, and course administration, e.g. manage homework, lesson plans, sync calendar with lessons, we accommodate a reduced fee. By the way, the service fee of 16.5% is the lowest in the industry. Other platforms or private music schools charge between 20-30%.

You have an in-built scheduling system which makes it easier for teachers to manage bookings. Does it integrate with third party apps such as Google Calendar? If not, does it automatically convert the teacher’s timezone into the student’s one? Basically, will students and teachers be able to join the lesson without having to calculate any timezones differences themselves?

In the current version, the calendar app is only available within the Matchspace portal. But to make sure no teacher and student misses any class, we send out reminders before class. We also notify teachers about any new bookings or rescheduling requests. We are working on an integration with calendar apps to make it even more convenient for our users. The handling of different timezones is something that we are planning to implement soon. 

Admittedly, I have not created a teacher account on MatchSpace yet. I have been asking a lot of technical questions but perhaps I should just give it a try myself? Give me one reason why I should. What kind of help do you offer to teachers that are new to the platform?

If you are interested in teaching more lessons, Matchspace is the most innovative and intuitive platform that enables you to teach on your own terms – when and how you want.  The onboarding itself is super intuitive and easy and registration is free of charge. Every teacher receives a personalized welcome message with some tips on how to best describe their profile and courses, or what they can do to better promote themselves. We receive very positive feedback for this personalized service. I’d be pleased to welcome you onboard as well, Costanza. You will not regret it.

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